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Games for Your Next Game Night

The Cliffs Blog, Jersey City, NJ  Bring excitement to spring by throwing a game night! Play one or all of these fun games for a successful evening.


Spring is for cleaning, sure, but it’s also a time for new beginnings! Take the chance to give yourself a fun one this month by throwing a game night with your friends at your apartment at The Cliffs or elsewhere in Jersey City, NJ. Try one of these games for a fun and interactive time!


Electronic Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase is a fun and quick game that everyone can enjoy. Split up into two teams and take turns describing the word that comes onto the screen of the catchphrase disk. Pass the game on, but don’t get caught holding it when the timer runs out.



A classic word game, Scattergories is a great game for anyone to play. To play this game, you’ll need a list of categories as well as a notepad. Someone will roll the lettered dice, then start the timer. Each person then has to write down a word starting with the letter on the dice that corresponds to the categories on the list. Buy online and enjoy!


A Bit Dicey - A Minute to Win It Game

This game was featured on the popular “Minute to Win It” game show. All you need in order to play is dice and popsicle sticks.


“You have one minute to build a tower of six dice on the end of a popsicle stick. The trick here is that the popsicle stick must be held in your mouth. Begin the game by placing the popsicle stick in your mouth. Then start the clock. Using your hands, begin building a tower of dice, one by one, on the end of the stick. To win this game, you must have a vertical stack of six dice on the end of the stick, and it must be freestanding. You must balance all six dice on the end of the popsicle stick in just one minute.”


The rules are simple: Do not use your face to keep the tower of dice upright. Also, if you end up dropping any dice on the floor, then you must use replacement dice from the table.


While this game might seem easy, it can be quite the challenge! Have fun playing this with your friends in your apartment this month.


For an instructional video on how to play “A Bit Dicey,” watch the Minute to Win It video.


What are your favorite games to play with a group of friends? Let us know in the comments! We hope you enjoy trying these games and making memories this month.